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7ID Endorses Cash Incentives for ROTC Cadets

Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija – The 7th Infantry Division, Philippine Army endorsed 24 Army Advance ROTC Cadets from Region 1 to receive cash incentives from the Philippine Army for SY 2020-2021 on October 15, 2020.

According to 1st Regional Community Defense Group (RCDG) Group Commander, Col. Arnel B. Bautista the following cadets will benefit the Philippine Army Advance ROTC Cadets Incentives Program (PAARCI): Agbuya, Marjori C; Agoto, Ryan S; Albay, Nathaniel C. Baquirin; Antonio Adam Manuel G.; Bayuga, Ebenezer M.; Benito, Aira Jean C.; Chaver, Emmanuel AC Cenel C.; Cuagdan, Audrey P.; Dela Cruz, Marvin M.; Gallardo, Ashmine G.; Javier, Judiel Francis M.; Larioza, Jerico V. ;Macatbag, Gerald M.; Marcos, John Patrick Rowie S.; Molina, Bianca M.; Munar, Jonalyn C.; Ocsillos, Sahjid S.; Reynon, Harley G.; Salon, Joannie E.; Solar, Robert Jr A.; Tupang, Erica Mae A.; Venderlipe, Patricia Mae; Vergara, Virgilio R.; and Vertudez, Jay Vee D.

Once approved, the recommended ROTC students shall receive P12,000 per semester during the prescribed 2-year advanced ROTC course.

Aside from the cash incentives, the 24 ROTC students shall also receive a nine-line items of Army individual clothing and equipment, subsistence allowance for 15 training days per semester, free access to AFP commissary and exchange stores, and accommodation to AFP transient facilities.

“The PAARCI is designed to motivate intelligent and responsible students with high leadership potentials to join the ROTC,” said Bautista.

The PAARCI program is the Army’s compliance to Sec. 8 of RA 9163 and Sec. 43, Art. VII of RA 7077. It also contains the procedures, criteria, rules, and grounds for termination of the incentives.

Col. Benjamin L. Hao, the Assistant Division Commander for the Reservist and Retiree Affairs of 7ID, explained that 7ID complements the programs of its RCDGs in developing the ROTC cadets in Regions 1 and 3, to include those in the province of Abra.

“7ID wishes to showcase the importance of joining ROTC as a form of expressing love to our country,” Col. Hao added.

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