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Army, BFAR, LGU deliver Livelihood Assitance to former rebel IPs in San Miguel

SAN MIGUEL, Surigao del Sur- Purok 1, Brgy Magroyong (Stn) - The Carromata Lago Fish Farmers Associations (CALAFFA) composed of 75 former rebels (FRs), and Indigenous People’s (IPs) benefitted the distribution of 20,000 Tilapia and Carps fingerlings and feeds on August 13, 2020, in Sitio Lago, Barangay Carromata, in San Miguel town as the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Caraga continues to distribute for the fisherfolks in the province.

The said activity was participated by the Indigenous People Mandatory Representative (IPMR) of the province, Barangay Council members of Carromata, BFAR-Caraga, FRs, IPs, and 75th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army who facilitated the successful distribution in the area.

Surigao del Sur Provincial Indigenous People Mandatory Representative Jimmy Guinsod expressed his gratitude to the BFAR for the opportunity given to the former rebels, IPs, and the indigent people in the community that benefited livelihood programs of the government.

IPMR Guinsod also encouraged the members of the CALAFFA Association to develop and give heartily manage the livelihood assistance given by the government, as the manifestation of bringing the government closer to the people, Guinsod concluded.

Moreover, Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Villarosa stated, that the government and the Army will always adhere by helping the IP community to have a productive and progressive living with their families.

“Through the implementation of EO 70, we assure that the FRs and IP lives will be improved through the implementation of the socio-economic program by the government for them to have a sustainable livelihood that they can use to supply the daily needs of their family,” Villarosa ended.

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