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Fleeing CPP-NPA rebel abandons baby

A WOMAN and suspected member of the New People's Army (NPA) allegedly abandoned her two-month-old baby boy Wednesday morning, January 13, in a house in Sitio Ambulong, Barangay San Fernando, Talisay City. Lieutenant Colonel Gerard Alvaran, commander of the Philippine Army's 79th Infantry Battalion (79IB), said they responded to the area after receiving reports about the NPA's presence in the area.

As they approached the area, they noticed two NPA insurgents hastily escaping, leaving behind a two-month-old baby in a house owned by a civilian.

The rebels also left behind their valuables, subversive documents, and food supplies.

According to information gathered by the soldiers from the locals, the NPA woman they spotted was identified only by her alias as "Ka Jandy."

"We are saddened about the two-month-old baby abandoned by her mother because of a senseless cause. Ka Jandy had a choice but she chose to leave her child and go against the government," Alvaran said.

The 79IB commander urged Ka Jandy, as well as the other NPA insurgents in the area to abandon the pointless armed struggle, return to the folds of the law and start a new life with their families, adding they are ready to help them start anew.

Police Major Jigger Gemino, chief of Police of Talisay Police Station, confirmed that the baby boy was turned over by the Talisay City social welfare office to a caring institution in Bacolod City because the office has no facility to take care of the baby.


January 13, 2021

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