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Former child warrior files Rape Case against her NPA Commander

October 29, 2020, Calubian, Leyte – Former NPA child warrior Ka Shane/Zian (now 17 years old, single, out of school youth), resident of Brgy. Hampangan, Hilongos, Leyte, files today a rape case against his former NPA Commander identified as Paterno Opo aka Yoyo/Dodong of the Sub-Regional Committee “Levox” that operates in the hinterlands of Leyte and Biliran Provinces.

Ka Shane/Zian voluntarily surrendered together with her older sister and fellow NPA comrade, Ruffa Lombog Correa to 14th Infantry (Avenger) Battalion of 8th Infantry (Stormtroopers) Division, Philippine Army on June 12, 2020 because of their present dissatisfaction against their former NPA Commander, Paterno Opo, and the frustrations they have against the CPP-NPA-NDF. The aforesaid organization promised them that they will be able to attend school but were rather forced to become NPA combatants.

Ka Shane/Zian and Ruffa revealed that while they were still active members of the CPP-NPA, they were brainwashed by their NPA Commanders and comrades that they should neither be captured nor surrender to the AFP because they will be raped, tortured and killed.

“Takot na takot kami mag surrender, kasi ang sabi sa amin ng kumander sa NPA na gahasain, etorture at papatayin kapag nahuli kami ng mga sundalo pero naglakas loob pa rin kami dahil hinde na namin kaya ang ginagawa nila sa amin at paghihirap sa bundok. Pero nang nag surrender kami, akala namin kataposan na namin, pero yun pala sundalo pa ang nagbigay sa amin ng pagkain, damit at maayos na tulogan”, Ka Shane/Zian said.

Based on the personal appeal of Ka Shane/Zian and Ruffa to seek justice and to inform their former female comrades who are still with the CPP-NPA-NDF, they confessed the traumatic rape incident Ka Shane/Zian suffered at the hands of her supposed superior when she was only 15 years old. This incident continue to haunt her until today that she wants to seek justice.

Ka Shane/Zian and Ruffa believed that return to the folds of the law provides the opportunity for them to exact justice from their oppressors and exploiters within the Communist Terrorist movement. Hence, they requested the assistance of 802nd Infantry Brigade in reporting the incident to Calubian, Leyte Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office and Women’s Desk of Calubian, Leyte Municipal Police Station.

"I am condemning in stronger terms the blatant disrespect to human dignity committed by NPA Commander, Paterno Opo against Realyn. I am saddened by the fate of Realyn and so as Ruffa’s due to the terrible sufferings and injustices that they experienced while they were in the hands of the CPP-NPA-NDF. Likewise, I admire the courage of Realyn in confessing her horrible experience, though it may degrade her reputation and dignity as a woman. With her revelation, she exposes the evils of joining the CPP-NPA-NDF. Aside, this confirms the blatant and persistent recruitment of minors within the Communist-Terrorist Organization,” said BGen Zosimo A Oliveros, Commander, 802nd Infantry Brigade.

Further, BGen Oliveros appeals to the parents, youth and all organizations claiming to vanguards of women’s and children’s rights to unite and stop the deceptive recruitment by the Communist-Terrorist Group of our children.

Source: 802nd Infantry (Peerless) Brigade, 8ID, Philippine Army

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