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Life is Providential | MGEN. ROMEO G. GAN PA (Ret.)

People say everything in life is providential. Everything happens for a reason and it is by Divine Providence that things happen, regardless of whether they seem good or bad at the time. Major General Romeo G Gan subscribes to this belief.

His life for the past 56 years, more than half of which was spent in the military service, is a testament to providence. Like most career officers, his life has not been a walk in the park. He struggled from the beginning to the end to conclude a respectable period of military service spanning 37 years, 7 months, and 9 days. Even his early life prior to cadetship was colorful, not in its pleasant comforts, but on how he was able to surpass pain and hardship while maintaining his focus and determination to survive.

Everytime he felt down, he persevered to stand again and recover, believing that everything was providential. For everytime he got up, he remained humble and grounded, thankful for the generous blessings God has given him. He did not waver. He remained steadfast. With the firm belief that everything happens for a reason, he was able to convince the doubters. Most of all, he was able to inspire others.

Maraming Salamat sa iyong serbisyo para sa Bayan, Sir Romeo.



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