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Naval Forces Central captures three men engaged in the manufacture and proliferations of dynamite

Headquarters, Naval Forces Central, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, March 30, 2021 – Naval Forces Central conducted Joint Counter Action Operation with Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) Bohol, Maritime Police Station (MARPSTA) Bohol, Provincial Mobile Force Company (PMFC), Bohol Province Police Office (BPPO), PIT Bohol and Buen Unido Municipal Police Station that led to the successful arrest of three (3) prominent members of Rabanos Crime Group engaged in the proliferations of Explosives/Dynamite Blast Fishing Components/Ammonium Nitrates and Blasting caps last March 27, 2021 in Talibon, Bohol.

Through the implementation of Search Warrant No.21-04, 21-05, and 21-06 for Violation of Section 28 of RA 10591 and Section 2 Paragraph (b) of RA 10654 issued by Honorable Azucena C. Macalolot-Credo, Executive Judge, 7th Judicial Region, Talibon, Bohol dated March 26, 2021, the joint operation resulted to the arrest of Edwin Rabanos, Randy Berbesada, and Samuel Redito that were found to possessed: one (1) unit caliber 38 revolver without serial number; five (5) live ammunitions for caliber 38; two (2) pcs believed to be blasting cup locally known as tiklong; one (1) pc color black and blue sling bag; three (3) socks (25 kgs) believed to be ammonium nitrate; one (1) pc transparent cellophane pack containing believed to be ammonium nitrate; five (5) bottles believed to be homemade dynamite/blast fishing; two (2) pcs believed to be blasting cap (tiklong); one (1) carton box containing various believed to be detonating cords; eight (8) pcs believed to be det cords (color red); two (2) pcs believed to be blasting caps; two (2) cellophane packs containing white substance believe to be ammonium nitrate; and four (4) bottles believed to be homemade dynamite/blast fishing (explosive).

The search was witnessed by Brgy. Kag. Welsie P Tranido and Nogilito Cutamora, and the arrested personalities were brought to Bien Unido MPS for booking procedures, mug shots and temporary detention. Further all confiscated evidence were being kept in custody by CIDG Bohol.

The success of the joint operation portrays NFC’s commitment in safeguarding and preserving the marine environment of the Visayas Region.

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