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The Provincial Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (PTF ELCAC) of Occidental Mindoro led by the Provincial Gov have been airlifted by the AFP to one of the most remote sitios of the hinterlands of Mindoro to bring services to the isolated Indigenous Peoples (IP) of Monte Claro, San Jose. Along with Gov. EDUARDO GADIANO were COL VILLAREAL, Cmdr of 203rd Bde, 2ID, LTC ARBOLADO of 4IB 2ID and the reps of following NGAs: DSWD, NCIP, DA, PHILHEALTH, DILG, DOH, and PNP.

Also airlifted by Tactical Operations Wing Southern Luzon Command were representatives of respective provincial offices: OPA, PVET, PSWD, PHO, PEO, IPAO, PGO of SAMARICA (San Jose, Magsaysay, Rizal and Calintaan all of Occidental Mindoro).

The NTF ELCAC shall stay in the cluster of IP communities to further discuss their issues for the government to properly address them through sustained livelihood and economic programs which should be appropriate to their culture.

It must be recalled that 11 IPs recently surrendered after the killing of CTG Lorrelaine Saligumba @Fara, and they revealed that IPs were being hostaged by the NPAs to forcibly join them, initially to fetch water or carry their goods but will no longer be released for years.

The victims are minors and this is not acceptable. I cannot allow this violations of the IHL by the STRPC leadership who are forced to relocate in Mindoro Islands as more and more of their former mass bases have been won by the NTF ELCAC through good governance.

We will continue to dislocate the NPA Regl Opns Command and its maneuver elements until they are forced all of them to surrender, as many have done already.

Currently, 2 members of SOG in Mindoro, 6 Military Regional Guerilla Unit (MRGU) members in Lag Qzn, etc have already surrendered. Sub-Regional Military Area (SRMA) 4C Sec Mario Caraig@Jethro, has been killed, including the Pltn Ldr of MRGU Dioscorro Celio @Thermo, and 2 others.

We will not allow the Southern Tagalog Regional Party Committee (STRPC) to be able to establish a new HQ in Mindoro, much less allow them to get away from the island to seek refuge elsewhere. The only way for them is to accept our offer for their peaceful return to the folds of the law.

We cannot also just reintegrate them to society, especially since many of them are suffering from COVID19.

One MRGU leader, a FilAm, recently died and was brought surreptitiously to a hospital in San Jose, and was extricated again by surreptitious circumstances, using aliases after he died from Covid19. He is a terrorist contrary to reports by GMA that he is an activist. This will be the subject of further investigation to determine culpability of those who supported a terrorist member and those who violated IATF protocols on COVID19 patients.



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