Heart-Warming Photo Of Marawi Soldier Accompanied With Cat

September 29, 2017


A soldier from Marawi was photographed as if had found comfort with his new buddy and suddenly went viral.


Marawi City had left a mark in the history for its siege, due to terrorists’ intention of overrunning it, had lasted for over a month.


As if taken out from a movie, the situation of the Marawi left by the intense gunfight and war between the extremists and the military troops of the country is worse than anyone could have ever imagined.


As seen on the previous report, a certain barangay from Marawi has been captured and the scene after the battle is so heart-breaking.


Cemented pavements, walls and houses has been tattered with bullet marks.


No one saw this coming and this event did not just affected the said portion of the country but significantly, were the people in there of whom did not only lost their houses but also lost some of the important persons in their lives to which, in most probability, have deeply affected them emotionally.


However, those dreadful scene is not the only factor which comprised the place. There were stories and events behind the exchange of bullets to which is inspirational that would make you bring up your hopes in Marawi despite of the loses.


Truly, many stories have been told but this one peculiar scene, who have been captured and credited to a particular Twitter account of the netizen who has a name in the said social networking site Chino Gaston, is one in a million.


The caption entailed on the photo indicated, “A cat finds comfort in the company of a soldier guarding a vital bridge in Marawi City.”


After all the fightings, this photo is a refreshing one.


The cat and the soldier have found company with each other and it is just heart-melting.

With this little action, somehow from someone’s point of view, humanity is restored.


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