Lapira's death: A reminder of cunning and deceptive groups

December 1, 2017


Reading tributes for Jo Lapira, I realized she is as real as can be. I am coming from the other side of the fence here, my profile picture will speak for itself, but feel deeply sad for her, she could have been a great contribution to this country.


Idealism is a good thing, this country was born of idealism. But idealism channeled towards a twisted agenda is dangerous, in this case deadly.


Back in the days, I joined the League of Filipino Students. That was where I thought of myself as someone who had to do something for the country. There is something that attracts the youth to being agents of social change. Sadly, in these groups, the only option you are ushered into is revolution. Everything taught is packaged in such a way that the natural conclusion is revolution. Government is branded as a Bureaucracy ruled by Capitalists who only pushes for what is good for the elite. Security forces are branded as fascist whose only goal is to terrorize civilians in order to facilitate the interests of the elite. Luckily for me, I did not believe that it was possible for everyone in government to think only of what is good for the elite. It was basic common sense that, even if few, there are people in government who are genuinely there because they wanted to SERVE THE PEOPLE. I was also a son of a soldier and knew that while my father maybe tough, he wasn't out there to terrorize people. He always looked forward to going home just like the rest of ordinary human beings. That made the difference for me. Today, I still think of myself as someone who had to do something for this country. With God as my witness, I know for a fact that my idealism is still intact.


The real culprit in this tragedy here are the groups like the League of Filipino Students, Gabriela, AnakPawis and many others who deceived these young idealists into thinking that the only way to be of service to the Filipino people is through a national democratic revolution aka armed revolution. And that the only solution to the ills of our society is when a socialist state is established which eventually leads to a perfect communist state (parang communist manifesto lang).


When all that is discussed are corruption in government instead of the practice of good governance, these groups are responsible for her death. When these groups bring these young minds to immersions in communities that have been infiltrated by their twisted agenda and all the people talk about is how they have been neglected by government plus stories of how the NPAs provide them the help that government has not provided, these groups are responsible for her death. There are a lot of communities that people can learn from why choose somewhere that pushes people to think that the government has not been doing what they are supposed to do. Our present system is not perfect that is why we need all the help we can gather. We do not need agitators whose goal is to change the government.


The death of Jo Lapira should be a reminder of how cunning and deceptive the groups that she ran into are. In her death they use it as a symbol to deceive some more instead of remorse for loss of her potentials as a productive person.


(Source: Andre Calabes)


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