More firearms surrendered to Marines in Sulu


Following a massive surrender of firearms and paraphernalia in Sulu last week after a series of successful military operations resulting to the submission to the government of several ASG members, more firearms are now being handed-over to military troops over the weekend until Monday, Feb. 5, 2018.


Different barangays have cooperated in encouraging their people to surrender their firearms to the Marines. Last Sunday, one M1 Garand rifle, three clips with 24 rounds of ammo were surrendered from Brgy. Lukk Tulay. One M1 Garand Rifle, one clip with eight rounds of ammo, one M16A1 rifle, and one short M16 magazine with 20 rounds of 5.56mm ammunitions were handed-over by Brgy. Sangkap.


On Monday morning, Feb. 5, 2018 around 9:30 a.m., the firearms surrendered by Brgy Nyog-Nyog reached a total of two Garand rifles, six clips and 47 rounds of ammunition. On the other hand, Brgy. Kamawi turned over two Garand rifles, three clips and 23 rounds ammo, while Brgy. Andallan surrendered a total of 14 clips, 112 rounds of ammo and one Garand rifle.


A few hours later, another set of firearms and paraphernalia were surrendered in the afternoon of Monday. From Brgy Kayawan, one M16, one mag long alloy, one mag short alloy,  17 rounds 5.56mm ammo and one Cal .30, two magazines with 29 rounds of ammo were recovered. Brgy. Kanjarang yielded a total of one M1 Garand, two clips and 16 rounds of ammo.


These massive surrender of firearms is a result of the action of the Philippine Marine Ready Force-Sulu headed by Col. Tolato and Marine Battalion Landing Team 1 led hy Lt. Col. Cabanlet after having received information about ASG members who would like to go back to the government side during the conduct of Civil-Military Operations in the area last Jan. 31, 2018.


As Rear Adm. Rene V. Medina AFP, the Commander of Naval Forces Western Mindanao had mentioned during a previous statement, the number of surrendered firearms and paraphernalia continue and will continue to rise as government troops and LGUs work together. Rear Adm. Medina also expresses his appreciation not only to Fleet-Marine Troops operating in the area, but also to the barangay leaders who encouraged their constituents to lay down their arms in the name of peace and prosperity of the region.

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