AFP intensifies Gender and Development Programs

March 2, 2018


CAMP AGUINALDO, Quezon City – The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is intensifying its Gender and Development (GAD) programs to ensure that women in the military will be free from harassment and violence during their recruitment, training, and service.


The AFP continuously intensifies its efforts to develop plans, policies, and mechanisms in addressing identified gender discrimination and inequalities within the organization. This is part of the military’s on-going campaign towards women empowerment and equal rights for its members.


The AFP expressed on Thursday, 01 March 2018, its solidarity with the nation in the celebration of the National Women’s Month. The military took the opportunity to salute its female soldiers and civilian employees for their bravery and hard work in the organization.


Among the line-up of activities that are part of the continuing GAD efforts in the AFP are Gender Sensitivity Training; Seminar-Workshops on Gender Analysis; GAD Executive Briefing to Senior Military Officials/Top Level Management; and lectures on GAD-related laws and mandates. The AFP also actively participates in national and international mandated GAD-related advocacies such as the Campaign to End Violence against Women.


Programs on GAD have been on-going since the AFP started accepting women in the military ranks. Same privileges and opportunities in terms of pay increases, additional remunerations, and benefits and awards are being accorded to men and women in uniform.


Equal considerations in terms of the area or field of assignment are given to both men and women in the AFP. The military also provide decent and separate billeting facilities and quartering for men and women regardless of location or type of assignment.


The AFP is dedicated to enabling equal rights and opportunities in all aspects of its service, whether these are combat to noncombat operations. We assure the public that efforts will continue to pave the way for more programs that will further expand the military’s commitment to women empowerment and gender equality.


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