AFP looks forward to peaceful, orderly commemoration of Labor Day

April 30, 2018


The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) salutes all workers at all levels of the society especially our OFWs, our new heroes of the millenium.


The AFP looks forward to a peaceful and orderly commemoration of Labor Day by groups from the labor sector in their activities on May 1.


As of now, there is no specific threat monitored directed towards the celebration of Labor Day. However, we cannot discount the possibility that some groups may take advantage of the situation, thus, the AFP will take proactive measures to protect our citizens.


The AFP through the Joint Task Force–NCR will deploy troops to support the Philippine National Police (PNP) in ensuring peace and order in Metro Manila.


Units in the provinces are also in support to the PNP and ready to respond to possible threats that may arise during the occasion.


The AFP takes particular concern on the activities of the Communist NPA Terrorists who are notorious in disrupting peace; and sowing violence and disorder during public gatherings.


We call on our brothers and sisters from the labor sector to be one with us in observing Labor Day in a peaceful and orderly way.


We encourage everyone to conduct a non-violent and constructive dialogue with the government instead of rallies in the streets that usually cause severe traffic and disrupt the normal activities of people; and sometimes lead to violence.


We will continue to perform our mandate to protect the wellbeing and the rights of our people especially our labor sector in our shared goal of achieving peace and development in our country.

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