AFP on the Enactment of National ID System

August 7, 2018


The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) welcomes the passage into law of the Act mandating the implementation of one identification system.


We believe it will promote a peaceful and secure environment where terrorists, criminals, and other unscrupulous individuals will have a difficulty coping to pursue their evil designs and nefarious activities.


They can no longer assume multiple and/or false identities to commit crimes that victimize our people. With the new identification system, we will be able to check and validate their (criminals’, etc.) identities.


The law will further isolate criminals from law-abiding citizens. The former will remain in hiding and cannot avail of the mandated identification card lest they be exposed to arrest and prosecution. They will lose their freedom of movement; their ability to transact business will be divested with no ID cards to present when demanded.


We also believe that the ID system shall facilitate government transactions and programs like census, promote transparency, and likewise spare our people from the burden of bringing with them several identification cards to establish their identities.


In short, the law is a bane to criminals, terrorists and unscrupulous persons and groups; while it is a boon to law-abiding citizens and well-meaning individuals.

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