CSAFP leads renewal of oath to the AFP Code of Ethics during Morning Colors

October 15, 2018

CAMP AGUINALDO, Quezon City – The Chief of Staff Armed Forces of the Philippines General Carlito Galvez Jr led the renewal of oath to the AFP Code of Ethics during the flag raising ceremony on Monday, 15 October 2018 at the General Headquarters here.


“Today, as we render honors to the flag, we also join the rest of the nation in observing the Code of Ethics day,” General Galvez said.


Military officers and enlisted personnel from the different branches of service in the General Headquarters raised their right hand as they renewed their pledge to the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Military Personnel in the AFP.


“We should not seek for our personal interests, and instead we should always focus on the betterment of the organization as we fulfil our mandate in serving the state,” General Galvez said during his speech.


“The Code of Ethics veers us away from temptation by leading us to an honorable path of service. It sets the ethical standards for us officers and enlisted personnel and civilian employees to do our job,” he added.


The Code of Ethics reminds soldiers to obey the Chain of Command and follow the core values and traditions of valor, duty, honor, solidarity, and loyalty to the Constitution.


The Chief of Staff emphasized that there is no place for corruption in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.


“Corruption is one of the major menace in our society, it undermines good governance, extort decent service, and corrodes the core of the organization,”


“These corrupt, irresponsible, and incompetent people certainly have no place in the Armed Forces, and we will make sure that they will pay for what they have done in our organization. We do not tolerate misconduct,” General Galvez stressed.


General Galvez ensured the people that the culprits behind the V. Luna issue will face the consequences of their actions.


“In all other cases, we assure that all erring personnel will be thoroughly investigated and be subjected to the AFP Court Martial. We will do this to preserve the integrity of our service,”


“On our end, each of us should do our parts in the best way that we can. No task is ever small if we can find the fulfillment in our actions. That at the end of the day, we know in ourselves that we have done something good and accomplished something helpful to the organization.” General Galvez said.


“Everyday we have to ask ourselves, ‘what good have I done today? What good have I done yesterday?’ Ganoon ang ginagawa ko po mula nang pumasok ako sa field.”


“As we continue our service, let us always be guided not only by the code of ethics but also the morals and the inner conscience of doing what is good and what is right” he added.


At the end of his remarks, the AFP Chief reiterated his reminder that the Armed Forces should not be disturbed by the political noise, and that the organization remains solid and undivided.


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