AFP Statement on its gains since resumption of Operations


•Starting 00:00 of 19 March 2020, in deference to the order of President Duterte, AFP ground units faithfully complied with the orders to cease all offensive operations on orders of AFP Chief General Felimon Santos, Jr.


•But as soon as the clock strikes 0000 of 16April, when the unilateral ceasefire has lapsed, intelligence-driven combat operations against the terrorist New People’s Army resumed without let-up. 


•Data obtained from the period 16-28April shows a total of 34 AFP-initiated combat operations. It accounted for 10 terrorists dead and 7 captured or surrendered in various skirmishes in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. 


•Also seized were a total of 58 high-powered forearms (M-16s with grenade launchers, M-16s, AK-47s, M-14s, etc), and scores of rifle magazines and assorted ammunition, 20 pieces of IEDs, and other documents yielding extensive information about the terrorists. 


•Telling but no more surprising are the confiscations in Samar raid packs of anti-pregnancy pills. This supports the heart-breaking revelations of female members of the NPA who were either rescued or surrendered—some of them pregnant, of how they were sexually abused and molested by their superiors; Of how some of them were constrained to marry their commanders for lack of recourse.


•Terrorists NPA are saying they will “resume offensive operations” where they have not really stopped. 


•But the AFP is unfazed by the CPP’s saber rattling. What we are more concerned with and is determined to prevent are their attacks on non-combatant civilians and tribal leaders which are also violations of International Humanitarian Law. 


•Contrary to what lies they peddle, people complain of NPA abuses and robbing them of their relief goods, murder of their leaders, and other atrocities at this time of crisis. Thus, local folks report the presence of these terrorists in their communities which led to these successful operations. 


•Amidst the multifarious tasks we are already doing to help our people cope with the pandemic; for them to survive this crisis; and to prepare for the so-called “new normal”, we will pursue with our combat patrols to thwart any harm these terrorists will bring to our people. We will not hesitate to put our lives on the line —against the unseen enemy which is COVID 19 or the lingering CPP-NPA virus. 

•We will defeat them as one.

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